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Friday, April 13, 2007

Maybe Imus can land a gig on Star Trek?

Has anyone ever noticed how much Don Imus looks like a Klingon?

Not that I have an opinion either way about his employability... after so many years in the business, he should know what's appropriate and what's insulting.

But maybe he can get a gig as a Klingon extra in the next carnation of Star Trek, whenever that might be. As long as they either give him no lines, or ensure everything he says is in the native Klingon tongue, he might actually stand to keep a the job. After all, there's a only a small segment of the Trekkie population who would be able to understand him. But what am I thinking? Some Trekkie would only translate anything subject to scrutiny and launch it virally through blogs and YouTube until the mainstream media picked up on it.


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