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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Baby bites dog

Not for the first time in my life, I've wondered about the news in other countries.

I'm the first one to admit I'm a cornfed white girl from the midwest and that creeps out in my naivette and a lack of worldliness. Maybe everyone feels that way and it's not just an Indiana thing.

But what the holy crap is up with Rueters wire from odd countries on the other side of the world?

"Baby feeds on dogs milk"

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - A Tanzanian mother went into hysterics when she found her six month-old baby suckling dog's milk, a local daily reported Thursday.

The mother left her son on a mat while she went to hang clothes in the yard of her Dar Es Salaam home, Uhuru newspaper said. When she came back to find him suckling on the dog, she screamed and rushed to her brother's house to seek advice.

But the brother managed to convince her dog's milk was harmless. "Since that day the baby is doing well and hasn't had diarrhea or any signs of illness," he was quoted as saying.

Another relative, who witnessed the incident Monday, was also unperturbed. "The baby was satisfied, since his belly was full and his lips had traces of milk," he told Uhuru.

OK, I read the story because it's almost as close as you can get to the "man bites dog" case of newsworthiness. But honestly newsworthiness really seems to be a bit of a stretch here; there are no names attributed and it's she said, he said.


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