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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Blogfodder: Not Tookie enough

Thursday night the thunder worked like a drug holding me down in my bed, out cold. This morning I'm up at 4:30 a.m. listening to it rattle the walls. I swear to god that's the same map on weather underground that was there when I looked 8 hours ago. My yard is a lake.

I collected stories off the wire for blogfodder the other night while Steve gave the AP quiz and lectured the lab. They're old now but they resonated with me. Acquiring a taste for reading news straight from the wire is like the difference between pure and processed.


Supreme Court blocks Florida execution

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked the

execution of a man who drowned a woman in her bathtub a decade ago,

granting a stay to a Florida death row inmate for the second time

in a week.

The court, acting without its newest member, ordered Florida to

stop the evening execution of Arthur Rutherford, who claims that

the state's lethal injection procedure is cruel and unusual


AP-ES-01-31-06 1814EST

I didn't see this story play as prominently on the local front as I expected. Maybe because he wasn't Tookie-esque enough a character ... or because Florida really isn't the new California yet. We're getting there. Seems like few state stories go national that don't include freaks and storms.
I read a story describing Rutherford's family's uncontained joy and I felt for them. Nothing good can come from the state's decision making powers being sucked up into the hands of the federalistas -- even if it is the SC making the call.

I don't think this is over; Florida is just going to find another way of offing him. Delaying his death only drags out a painful situation for the family.
Not to mention, I am sure the woman he drowned in her bathtub some years back probably thought her death was cruel and unsual. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a believer in an eye-for-an-eye or much of a proponent of capital punishment.
Around 7th grade, I read a story in my dad's Time magazine with a lede that described exactly what happened to the human body in an electric chair. I think this was one of the first time I understood how words can impact and change a person's point of view. I also remember being younger and seeing a story in Time on the Jonestown murders -- all the bloated bodies out in the sun. No one took it away from me. No one explained it. I read the captions. I got it.

So, I think I'm gonna break up blogfodders by story. I tend to write longer than blogs are supposed to be ...


I posted this this morning but this e blogger sucks ass and ate my last three entries and didn't work have the day. Not to mention, it keeps dumping my design changes.


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